Exotic gear is the best gear in Destiny 2, no discussion. The problem is that these items require days of your free time to be unlocked.

To get exotic guns, armor and catalysts, you have to participate in the most difficult activities in the game: PvP gamemodes, raids and Nightfalls. Some exotics can be unlocked after completing long and challenging questlines. Buy Exotic boosts by Overgear to unlock any desired item as quickly as possible. With our boosters, you will unlock any exotic gun and armor you need.

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    What are exotics in Destiny 2?

    Exotic is a special category of items, the rarest in the game. Each exotic weapond and armor has a special ability that significantly increases the strenght of your guardian and provides him with special skills.

    Exotics are very important, and each guardian has at least one exotic item in his inventory. However, the process of obtaining of such gear is very problematic and time-consuming. This is why we want to offer you our help.

    Exotics Carry Services

    Overgear provides you with various services that will help you to unlock any desired exotic gear.

    • Exotic weapons - this is the most important piece of your equipment. Each exotic weapon has a unique perk that makes it deadly against both PvP and PvE targets;
    • Exotic armor - this type of armor has very high stats and additional perks, that can save your guardian in the most difficult situations;
    • Exotic Catalysts - special upgrades that increases the stats of your exotic weapon or adds extra perks. Yet, these upgrades are very difficult to unlock and masterwork;

    We are also ready to help you with Exotic Ciphers that are necessary for purchasing exotics at the Monument of the Lost, and unlock you exotic sparrows.

    Additional Options

    Each of our Exotics Carry Services has a list of extra options, so you can complete several tasks by ordering a single boost. Check out a desired service, our contact our online support to learn more about additional options.


    Exact requirements can varry depending on the chosen service. Yet, most of the exotic weapons and armor can require owned DLCs in order to be unlocked.


    How many Exotics can you use in Destiny 2?

    You can have any amount exotics in your inventory, however, only two pieces of gear can be used directly: one for weapons and one for armor.

    Where can I find exotic items?

    Exotic items can be unlocked by completing special quests, or obtained as a random drop during various activities. Yet, the chance of drop is very low, so you must be very lucky to get a desired weapon.