Tomorrow's Answer

Tomorrow’s Answer is a new Rocket Launcher from Trials of Osiris. In the original Trials there were no heavy weapons at all, so the Tomorrow’s Answer is the first and unique. It has a lot of perks for both slots: Underdog, Moving Target, Genesis, Rangefinder, Tracking Module, Field Up for the first slot. For the second one they are: Disruption Break, Snapshot Sights, Shield Disorient, CLuster Bomb, Threat Detector, CLown Cartridge. Buy this weapon at Overgear at the lowest price.

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Tomorrow’s Answer is a heavy weapon that deals Void damage. Trials of Osiris has brought new powerful weapons to the game and Tomorrow’s Answer is on the list. Each weekend Guardians have a chance to loot something useful from this 3x3 PvP event. Eliminate, win and be well rewarded. But the task to win 7 games in a row is not that easy. Overgear is ready to assist you. Our pro players know how to win in Trials and how to get loot suck as Tomorrow’s Answer. Buy your Tomorrow’s Answer and we will get it in a no time.

Tomorrow's Answer