Exile's Curse

Exile’s Curse is a new Fusion Rifle from Trials of Osiris. It uses special ammo and it deals Arc damage. Fusion Rifles are not that easy to use on full power but in right hands it is a weapon of massive destruction. There are a lot of combos of perks for this weapon, at least 6 for each slot. First: Field prep, Underdog, No Distractions, Grave Robber, Threat Detector, Firmly Planted. The second is: Multikill Clip, Disruption Break, Snapshot Sights, Celerity, Elemental Capacitor, Feeding Frenzy. Get your own set of perks or let us advise you the best combos. Contact us in chat, we are available 24/7.

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Exile’s Curse will be one of the first weapons from Trials of Osiris. Players will receive lots of new weapons in season 10 and the Exile’s Curse is one of two Fusion Rifles in season of the worthy. If you want this weapon but don’t know what exactly perks you need - chat with us. Overgear know the best combos for any type of the game. PvP, PvE or mixed - no matter, just ask and you’ll receive an answer.

Exile's Curse