Eyes of Tomorrow

Oh. My. God! This Rocket Launcher is a Raid Exotic for Beyond Light, it drops from the Deep Stone Crypt. But most importantly, it's like a successor of the legendary Gjallarhorn from D1! This weapon can track and fire at multiple targets at the same time, so every shot from this is like a volley of rockets, holy hell. And if you've killed 4 or more enemies, the next volley's damage is increased. THIS IS NUTS!


  • Eyes of Tomorrow Exotic Rocket Launcher - GUARANTEED
  • Multiple Deep Stone Crypt Raid completions
  • All additional gear and resources that will drop during the completion


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  • Piloted - our booster will drive your character


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    • Lead Time: 1-4 weeks
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How long is the journey to claim the Divinity Exotic Trace Rifle and what should be done overall? Prepare to go through 5 big stages of the exotic quest.

Stage 1. Go to the Moon at the Lunar Battlegrounds. Land at Sorrow’s Harbor, go to the South and cross the crimson-colored bridge. Use your Sparrow to drive through the battlegrounds until you reach the first wide-open area. It is the place where you should have defended the pillars in the opening mission. Find the cave on the left side of this area. Inside you will find a Vex Gate. You should wait for the Vex to spawn. After killing some waves the Minotaur himself will appear. Kill him and he will drop an Exotic engram. This one starts the quest “What’s This… What’s this?”

Stage 2: Decode the Message on Nessus. To do so you need to visit 3 hidden places in different Lost Sectors. The Orrey can be found in the Artifact’s Edge. You should find an entrance to the mountain. On the third floor, you will find what you seek. The Conflux placed in the Cistern of Nessus. You will find a small room inside, that can be reached with a simple jump. Obtain the second description. The third one is in The Tangle - Ancient’s Haunt. This one is the easiest to find, the data node is visible before you even go in. 

Stage 3. Kill 120 Vex. Go to Vex Offensive and it will be easy to deal with this part quite fast.

Stage 4. Visit Eris and spend 30 Phantasmal Fragments. This is the cost of this step.

Stage 5. It is time to Visit the Garden of Salvation. This is the most difficult and the longest part of the quest. Before killing the last boss you need to solve some puzzles inside this raid. Only after doing this you’ll be able to loot the extra chest and get your Divinity Exotic trace rifle.

As you can see, this rifle may take a lot of time to obtain. So this is exactly our point: value your time - everything can be achieved with the help from Overgear. Order the boosting for Divinity Exotic Trace Rifle and you will have one of the greatest options for your energy weapon slot.

Eyes of Tomorrow