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Armor is as important as any weapon of your Guardian. And it is not just about good looking. Having an armor with correct stats for any builds can be a crucial factor in any battle. Finding the best one for each slot can be problematic. Exotic pieces have a huge impact on your gameplay and they give an opportunity to create a special build combining it with your armor setups and talents. Armor sets are can be valuable at specific activities. Outfit for Guardians can be very important too, because it simply shows people around what you are made of. Buy armor and armor sets at Overgear for any platform and enjoy the game with the best setups and the best looks.

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There is so much we can tell you about armor in D2. After Shadowkeep release, the armor now has some random perks for an upgrade. They are also dependable on the energy type of the armor: Void, Arc or Solar. Shadowkeep also has brought 3 new (old) stats for your armor: Intellect, Strength, and Discipline. All these stats were in original D2 and now they are back, so for old players, there is not so much new here. Intellect decreases the cooldown of your Super ability, Strength decreases the cooldown of your melee and Discipline decreases the cooldown of your Grenade. The existence of these stats allows the player to become more flexible with choosing or creating the builds. Old stats like Mobility, Recovery, and Resilience are still here. More new things? OK. How about the energy system? Each piece of armor has energy slots and they are stuck to 1 of 3 types: Arc, Void or Solar. You are restricted with 10 energy points. Usually, item drops with 1 to 4 energy, other till 10 can be unlocked using resources. This is your energy pull for upgrading your armor piece with the perks you need. There are 3 slots for perks and each perk requires some energy. The better the perk - the more energy it needs. So you should choose wisely what perks you need and how to make the amount of their energy usage equal to 10. With this system, you can find different pieces for your build from very different sources. For sure, you would like to look stylish using your gear. And D2 gives you a chance to do so. You may use the Universal Ornaments for your equipped armor. It will change the appearance of your armor piece to a more suitable one. We are sure, you definitely want a full set of these things to make your Guardian look EPIC. Check what we offer and buy D2 armor, but armor sets. We also provide services for farming Armor 2.0 with perks you need the most. Also, you can find and buy Exotic Armor for Hunter, Titan or Warlock at Overgear. We’ll do our best and make sure you will get everything you need as fast as possible. 

Assassin's Cowl